Calculating the Risk: Child Sexual Assault

Nov. 5, 2013 — Affluent girls residing in two-parent homes are much less likely to become sexually assaulted than other feminine youth, according to a new study from your University of Iowa. The research revealed that when family income reaches four hundred percent of the poverty threshold, or even around $92, 000 for a four-person household, the risk of sexual assault diminishes by more than half.

The study conducted by UI School of Social Work professor Amy Butler examined sexual assault in more than 1, 000 girls long-standing 17 and younger, across most income levels. It relied on data obtained from the ongoing Section Study of Income Dynamics — a national survey of family members begun in 1968 and focused by University of Michigan teachers.

Unlike other analyses that examine data gathered following a sexual assault has occurred, Butler’ s study looked at risk factors related to behavior, family history, and parent income that were measured prior to an assault, giving the work potentially predictive value.

“ It’ s important to have clear after and before measures, ” Butler says.

Published in the International Journal of Child Abuse & Neglect , the study demonstrated that the risk of sexual assault for females between the ages of four plus 17 declined from 12. 3 to 5. 6 percent once income arrived at 400 percent or more of the low income threshold.

Her evaluation also confirmed previous research that showed girls whose mothers had at least a high-school education plus whose biological parents were each present from birth to age group one had a lower risk of intimate assault.

Nationwide, 1 in 10 girls is physically assaulted, according to Butler’ s research. This compares to one in five girls who are victims of intimate abuse — a term frequently encompassing a broader range of improper behavior that can include voyeurism or even verbal pressure for sex — as reported by the advocacy organization, the National Center for Sufferers of Crime. While reasons behind a decreased risk of sexual assault for youthful females in economically comfortable, two-parent households are not yet known, Retainer notes there may be several possible details.

For example , factors that may enable some parents to achieve higher socioeconomic status — e. g. having children later in life — might be tied to personal characteristics like improved maturity levels that are then passed down to their children. Education appears to play a role as well.

“ It is possible that educated, two-parent families can better afford to raise their children within safe neighborhoods, send them to secure schools, and ensure that their actions are well supervised, thereby decreasing their risk for sexual assault, ” Butler writes.

“ Alternatively, the personal characteristics that may enable some parents to achieve higher socio-economic status may be transmitted to the child through heredity and parental modeling, thereby reducing her risk. ”

Butler’ s study helps establish that many risk factors identified in retrospective studies (those conducted after the fact) are precise predictors of whether a girl will certainly experience childhood sexual assault.

Her analysis found that girls with extremely low math and reading scores, and those referred to special education programs were much more likely than their peers to experience an assault. It also confirmed that young ladies who — according to their caregivers — were shy, withdrawn, had impulsive tendencies or expressed emotions of worthlessness were more vulnerable to sexual assault.

The research further outlined that many mental health disorders found in victims and survivors of assault appear to be a result of their experience with rape. Butler is performing additional analysis to research this link and others. She is hopeful that the girl study will open the doors to get more young women to discuss sexual assault, plus encourage them to find support and help.

And though her study focuses on risk factors in young ladies, she is quick to note that sufferers are never to blame. “ Perpetrators develop their skills to entrap young ladies. No one enters a situation expecting to end up being sexually assaulted, ” says Retainer.


  1. Zanto says:

    it’s too harmful on their behalf there – 50% is going to be raped or susceptible to physical abuse there.

    how about we women just move overseas ? why take this type of risk ?

    Should America attempt to topple the regime in Canada ? – surely this oppression must finish ??

    Remember we are only speaking about reported crimes here – 50% may be the tip from the iceberg.

    *this is inspired through the Canadian womens foundation

    http://world wide

    http://world wide

    Dark eyes – I wouldn’t reside in a country where there is a 50% possibility of me being raped or mistreated. Individuals are a few terrible odds. (this really is ofcourse, presuming the 50% chance statistic is accurate.. no, it should be accurate – why would a feminist organisation lie about something similar to this? what can they gain when you are under honest ?)

    Prettyliars – I have seen the stats they base them back, yes.

    Within the situation of DV males are just slightly behind women when it comes to sufferers. It is the standard 60/40 split we always see during these studies. this campaign leaves that small fact out. Additionally they include stalking and harrassnent within their 50%. Males will also be susceptible to stalking and harrassment. Women are really primary perpetrators of domestic stabbings for the reason that same study. Including fatal stabbings.

    Therefore it is not the feminine holocaust these organisations prefer to portray.

    Seriously, I only request for honesty and balance. Sensationalism and scaremongering doesn’t have place in working with this type of serious social problem. The laws and regulations in Canada are extremely oppressive in relation to DV – its garbage such as this that will get these types of oppressive and destructive laws and regulations and guidelines happen.

    Basing laws and regulations on lies and misrepresenting of details is wrong. It’s males who are suffering from all of these laws and regulations.

    women also suffer – > http://world wide

    these guidelines and laws and regulations are destructive and discriminatory. And patronise women – consider the video.

    women also suffer – > http://world wide

    these guidelines and laws and regulations are destructive and discriminatory. And patronise women – consider the video.

  2. Kristian says:

    You will find a lot of good examples of high costs which are difficult to evaluate.

    Only a couple of good examples -

    A lot of companies which i have labored for won’t quote manufacturing anything that could be dangerous when it comes to consumer liability. Consequently, you will find monopolies all around the USA who focus on building high-risk items of all and charge ten occasions greater than the marketplace would certainly justify since nobody else will build them.

    Numerous services won’t be useful or provide medical supplies in case of a clinical emergency, because as being a good samaritan (stocking oxygen, defibrilators, etc) will invite multi-billion dollar legal cases if a person claims the oxygen tank was one feet too far therefore the customer died. It’s easier to allow the customer die around the place and never enable them to – because of lawyers.

  3. superdork says:

    Indian males make no large an offer about rape and sexual assault. If it will happen a woman, rather than being annoyed, they switch the page from the newspaper and proceed to the Sports section as delicately as if they’ve just finished a crossword. They merely start to worry when trouble comes knocking in their door. Will our males only learn once they themselves face the same situation of sexual harassment, gang-rape, sodomy, and objectification in broad daylight?

  4. Flash Funk says:

    The Nation’s Institutes of Health have discovered that fiftyPercent of installments of Domestic Violence in heterosexual associations are mutually violent, which from the remaining 50%, the only real violent partner was the feminine partner 70% of times.

    At (5+8)/(5+3), which means that 12 female to eight male, or 3f/2m, or 60% of perpetrators of Domestic Violence are female.

    Women constitute 60% of individuals put in the hospital for serious injuries by DV, males 40%, and that’s why nothing is in position to assist male sufferers. They’re less inclined to be seriously hurt by partner aggression. We are able to calculate how a smaller amount by doing this.

    3/5 sufferers is male. 2/5 seriously hurt sufferers are male. So 3/5ths of total sufferers constitute 2/5 of put in the hospital sufferers, which provides us .66

    2/5 sufferers is female. 3/5 seriously hurt sufferers are female. Same calculation provides for us 1.5.

    So 1.5/.66 to calculate the what likely a lady victim will be put in the hospital.

    Women going through DV are thus roughly 2.3 occasions more prone to be put in the hospital than male sufferers are. And then we can conclude that DV against women is more prone to be severe.

    This doesn’t, however, result in the problem of methods violent women have been in society, and just how absolutely overlooked this problem is, irrelevant. Afterall, 40% of put in the hospital sufferers continue to be male. And the most total sufferers are male. Female perpetrators are extremely rarely caught or punished, and there’s no social stigma against them whatsoever. They’re really more prone to receive sympathy than scorn for his or her crime. This really is mainly because feminism really strongly buys into patriarchal stereotypes regarding violence within the most hypocritical possible way.

    This leaves lots of children at the disposal of violent moms. To not reason that they must be playing violent fathers, but instead that female violence has been absolutely overlooked because of the Women’s lobby and also the pervasive Duluth worldview covering the truth despite hundreds of academic studies which have demonstrated the issue

    I would love some feminist ideas about this problem.

    This is actually the study. http://world wide

    @ Princess: One study!!?? Here’s a listing of 200 different studies from around the globe which have found similar results. wide Is the fact that enough for you personally? Absolutely not. There is little be enough.

    @ Pretty: Your next two sources (sagepub) are inaccessible, so that’s type of useless. The first supports my point. Where are you currently obtaining the 7 occasions figure? I have been searching for an amount but many data completely ignores male sufferers of intimate partner homicide. The only real source I have found is that one. http://world wide Which claims that women are killed at roughly two times the speed, not 7 occasions.

    @Pretty: I understand the sources. Now, as males constitute 3/4 of homicides, 5% of males is the same as 15% from the female dying total in raw amounts. Making women 2.33 occasions as apt to be killed by intimate partners, not 5 occasions. I can not grasp why your source canrrrt do this fundamental math and claims 5 occasions rather.

  5. Peter says:

    Is that this considered sexual assault?

    I am a 29 years of age guy. I had been searching at myself within the mirror from the gym’s locker room. There is this 50+ years of age guy that stored searching at me intermittantly as though he’d a crush on me. However it switched he only agreed to be awaiting the mirror to become free because when I have got out while watching mirror, he went before it.

    However something strange happenned. The guy got his penis from his under garments brief. And that he then, while watching mirror, touched his penis glans while intermittantly searching at me.

    Is that this behavior considered sexual assault. The man never pointed his penis directly before me, he was always in an position 90° from me as he was doing his factor. Plus there would have been a reason was adamant on doing his “factor” while watching mirror . Maybe he’d an injuries.

    Same with this sexual assault? And when so, what exactly are my legal recourses?

  6. Cpt Excelsior says:

    im presently writing a paper in my victimology class concerning the traumas of childhood sexual assault. any sort of points you believe i ought to cover? it must be a minimum of 5 pages and so i have room to pay for a great deal.

  7. Matthew David says:

    My first week of school I had been sexually attacked from things i believe would be a male. Nothing of the magnitude has ever became of me. Personally i think that our dignity and feeling of security continues to be removed. As being a male I felt like I ought to have had the ability to safeguard myself from harm. Rather I had been in shock and felt paralyzed whilst getting assaulted. I actually want to tell my parents but it’s just incrediably difficult. I wish to leave this specific college in order to return home and commute to another college. Personally i think bad that my parents compensated lots of money to transmit me present I wish to leave due to this incident. Does anybody have advice?



  8. Alina Elliott says:

    Year this past year I’d drank a great deal… an excessive amount of. I given out on the ground alongside a lot of buddies and subsequently morning I awoke along with a guy I had not seen since senior high school was attempting to undo my bra coupled with his hands lower my pants. There is no digital transmission. But he was as near as possible come before that. Is that this sexual assault? I simply attempted to laugh them back as him being very drunk still also it just being certainly one of individuals stuff that happens.

    This person wasn’t inside my house after i given out he came over lengthy once i had given out. Also this happened inside my parents house with 10 of my close buddies all given out around me. I additionally awoke and told him to general electric tthe he** off me. I told my firends about this the following day plus they explained not to really make it a large deal since nothing really happened. And So I just type of didn’t remember about this until attorney at law we’d in a single of my classes today.

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